Material   100% Organic Cotton with SAP Gel technology
Strip   Antibacterial chip
Wings   04 wings
Chemical free   Yes
Plastic free   Yes
Packing   06 pads / Biodegradable Bag
Disposal   Free 06 Biodegradable outer disposal Pouches
Size   XXL(340mm) & Ultra Thin Pads
Product weight   138-146 gram
Item Dimensions LxW   340mm x 160mm

About this Product/ Features & details
  • One pack contains 06 XXL (340mm) sized sanitary pads made of 100% organic cotton for Heavy Flow gives extra care.
  • Usage per Day: Only 02 Sanitary Pads Required one for morning, one for night only.
  • All pads are Ultra Thin, individually wrapped with cotton that must be saved until the disposal time.
  • Rash free: No prints or perfume on the top layer to avoid rashes
  • Leakage Proof: Wider backs for better coverage
  • Easy Disposal: Free 06 Black Disposal Biodegradable bag provided for each individual pad
  • They are dioxin and plastic free which not only enhance health but also take care of nature.
  • Liquid Absorption, Anion chip inhibits reproduction of anaerobic bacteria with bio-magnetic, Super Air Permeable Layer, Super Comfortable, negative ion padding.
  • It removes stress, balance irregular cycle, strengthens Immunity & helps you Sleep Better. Removes Odour, Enhances Hormonal Balances.
  • Absorption volume up to 150 ml can compete with any other pads.
  • Gel technology that locks up to 100% wetness, unwanted odors and gives more extra comfort.