5 in one XL Ultra Thin & Folded

Material   100% Organic Cotton with SAP Gel technology
Strip   Antibacterial chip
Wings   04 wings
Chemical free   Yes
Plastic free   Yes
Packing   10 pads /box
Disposal   Free 10 Biodegradable disposal Pouches
Size   XL(280mm)
Variety   Ultra Thin Pads
Product weight   115-125 gram
Item Dimensions LxW   280mm x 160mm

About this product/ Features & details
  • Leakage Proof: Wider backs for better coverage
  • All Pads are made up of 100% organic cotton for Heavy Flow gives extra care.
  • Rash free: No prints or perfume on the top layer to avoid rashes.
  • Easy Disposal: Black Disposal Biodegradable bag provided for each individual pad.
  • Usage per Day: Only 02 Sanitary Pads Required one for morning, one for night only.
  • All pads are Ultra Thin, individually wrapped with cotton that must be saved until the disposal time.
  • It removes stress, balance irregular cycle, strengthens Immunity & helps you Sleep Better. Removes Odour, Enhances Hormonal Balances.
  • Pack contains 10 XL (280mm) sized sanitary pads with 10 Free Disposal Bags.
  • Anions are Negative Ions. Their work to enhance Immunity & anti bacterial capability relieves Tension, Reduces Irritation, and Removes Unpleasant Odour and improves endocrine functions.
  • Magnetic Chip stimulates the human body magnetic field so as to speed up the discharge of toxins during Menstruation. It reduces stomach cramp and eliminates odor or relieve from discomforts.
  • Chitin is derivative of Glucose. It is used in sanitary napkins for its Antifungal and Antiseptic properties.
  • Far-IRThe anion strip absorbs heat and converts into FAR -IR. Far- infra red can Stimulate local blood circulation and micro-circulation, prevent gynecological diseases and relieve dysmenorrheal (menstrual pain) by raising the temperature.
  • Nano Silver when in contact with bacteria and fungus will affect cellular metabolism and inhibit cell growth. The Nano silver inhibits Multiplication and growth of those bacteria and fungi which Cause infection, odor, itchiness and sores.